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Custom Request Form

If you've got dice masters already that you'd like me to make molds or you'd like me to polish up your masters please fill out this form and I will get in touch with you ASAP!

I don't currently offer dice masters so if you haven't got dice masters yet, I highly recommend Clerics Components - you can email them at [email protected] and they will get you going on some custom dice masters.

Please upload a file before submitting.

Terms & Conditions

When you ordered/received your masters, the master maker should have indicated whether or not you'll have any cure inhibition with platinum cure silicone. 

If not, please reach out and ask them - if they are known to cause any cure inhibition, we won't be able to make a mold of them. 

By sending us your masters, you're agreeing that we won't face any cure inhibition issues - and if we should, the mold won't be able to be made and a refund will NOT be issued.

If you're in need of masters - I always recommend finding a maker that uses a FormLabs printer - these makers include RevelBroker & Clerics Components, I've worked on masters made by these makers for a long time now and I can guarantee you will be happy with the results working with them. There are other makers out there using FormLabs printers however I don't have first hand knowledge of them so I don't feel comfortable recommending them at this time. 

By agreeing to these terms & conditions you are agreeing that your masters will NOT cause cure inhibition.

Have you got any questions or concerned for me? Leave them here and I'll answer anything when I get in touch with you.